Canada's HOTTEST rock festival

CannaFest Volunteers

CannaFest is made possible by having a team of volunteers that work long hard hours to bring you Canada’s HOTTEST classic music festival.

The continued success of CannaFest depends on the dedication and hard work of our hired staff and volunteers.

The response from people wanting to help is overwhelming, so much that we ARE NOT taking anymore volunteers or even adding to the list of possible volunteers.

Remember that CannaFest 2018 is coming in a few short months and we will once again be accepting applications for volunteers. 2018 will once again see a BIGGER and BETTER CannaFest.

Thank you to the many people that have helped make this festival a complete success!

If you see somebody wearing a CannaFest volunteer shirt please give your thanks and possibly buy them a cold drink to show your appreciation. The festival you are enjoying is made possible due to the hard work of the people in the bright yellow VOLUNTEER shirts.


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