CannaFest 2018 will give you something to talk about forever and something to look forward to year after year. We have a few simple rules for you to follow to ensure your festival experience is an enjoyable one.

STAFF, VOLUNTEERS and EVENT ORGANIZERS will be wearing appropriate t-shirts or hats. If you require the assistance of any of them please ask.

RCMP, paramedics and the Grand Forks Volunteer Fire Department will all be on-hand throughout the weekend, please give them a big thank you for helping make this dream a reality and to help keep us safe and enjoy the festival.

Please enjoy yourself and remember to stay hydrated and well fed as it promises to be another HOT weekend in Grand Forks.


  • RESTROOMS – Please keep them CLEAN, if they require attention or cleaning please let one of our volunteers know.
  • NO GANG COLORS – Everybody is allowed to attend but please keep all gang colors in your RV, hotel or at home.
  • NO WEAPONS – For obvious reasons, please leave all weapons at home or in your camping area.
  • NO SMOKING – We have a designated smoking area for you to use and enjoy.
  • NO DRINKING – We have a designated beer garden for you to enjoy a cool beverage in. Just follow the signs.
  • NO OUTSIDE BOOZE – Prepare to be searched as you enter the venue, all opened bottles will be taken away or poured out.
  • COOLERS – All coolers and personal effects will be searched at the entrance to the CannaFest grounds.
  • FIRST AID – There will be 2 first aid tents should you require medical attention, please make note of where they are located.


  • 19+
  • ID required
  • Chairs are permitted, camp style folding or lawn chairs. NO METAL folding chairs will be permitted.


  • You must be wearing a VIP wristband and show it to security if they request to see it.
  • You must have a VIP lanyard visible at all times.