If you have something to sell, an extra ticket, accommodation, collectible merchandise, etc. you can sell it on our Facebook page.

CannaFest tickets can be purchased locally in Grand Forks and Castlegar. Please note that all tickets purchased through this site will be processed within 10 days and mailed to your home address. Make sure you provide the correct address during checkout.

If you have checked out the FAQ section and still have questions please contact CannaFest by filling out the details as completely as possible and submitting to our office. We will get back to you as soon as time permits.

The office is open M-F and we are getting extremely busy therefore it may take a few days to reply to your inquiry. CannaFest Music Festival Ltd reserves the right to revoke any tickets at any time so respect the rules.

Tickets are available in Grand Forks at Jogas, Vicom Design and the Source. In Castlegar at Wests Travel and Home Hardware.