We have seen a number of changes throughout the years, starting with 40 fans at our original event in Grand Forks. We are back for year six in Grand Forks BC with another stellar lineup featuring rock legends like Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings reunion, REO Speedwagon, the one and only Anne and Nancy Wilson, together as HEART.

Thanks to the support of the fans over the years we have outgrown the baseball stadium that Grand Forks has allowed us to use and we have moved to our own property at 2420 68th Ave in Grand Forks BC, a couple blocks from the former venue.

If you purchased your tickets on-line you are in possession of an electronic ticket than can be printed and presented at the entrance when you arrive. You may also download the file to your phone and present it to our staff at the main gate. Your ticket/phone is scannable ONE time, you will receive a wrist band according to what type of ticket you purchased.

2020 camping will be in three different areas, James Donaldson Park will be tent city, if you have a tent that DOES NOT have spikes then you can pitch it in the ballpark for the weekend.

Dick Bartlett Park will be the site for mobility challenged patrons as well as some tents and RV’s.

68th Ave, right next to the venue will be the main Rock Fest campground, there will be water for filling bottles and coolers, serviced porta potties, security and first aid 24/7, wi-fi and trash collection daily. There may be a mobile holding tank pumping service, we’ll update the website and Facebook pages as needed.

Camping rules

  • “Golden Showers” will be available.
  • Nice green grass.
  • Pets are allowed but you are responsible for the cleanup and conduct of your pet.
  • FREE WIFI is available.
  • Cell phone charging areas available.
  • A FEW picnic tables available.
  • Potable water is available.
  • Serviced porta potties
  • On-site security 24/7
  • On-site first aid 24/7
  • Mobile pumping service (fees associated)
  • FREE Mobility shuttle to and from the venue, 4 pm – 12:30 am.



45 thoughts on “Important facts

  1. Angela Popoff

    Such a wonderful event. Love that there is always something for everyone to listen to and enjoy. We loved Whitesnake!

  2. Shari

    So sad the event is leaving my neighborhood! Best lineup was 2017. Check that list

  3. Andrey

    I went there with doubts but it was probably the best rock festival I’ve been to in the past 10 years. Can’t wait for this year!

  4. Adele S

    Fantastic festival! Glad it’s going to stay 3 days. 4 days seemed a little much. The only suggestion I have is to leave the best band for the last night, last show – end on a high note! The last 2 years, the final shows were weak and a lot of people left early.

  5. Adele Schopp

    Glad it is going to stay 3 days. 4 days seemed a little much. The only suggestion is to leave the best band for the last night, last show – end on a high note! The last 2 years, the final shows were weak and a lot of people left early.

  6. Maureen

    I loved all of it & have to say I have a special place in my heart for Tom C & Kim M lol I was just blown away by the musical talent!! We all know the front men can rock it & play the crowd, but their bands & friends who showed to play along with them…dudes you were amazing!!!

    Loved the sound system!!! I could actually hear AND understand what was being said & sung, staff was awesome, bathrooms/port-a-potties were clean…it was just a really good experience.

    I was there to enjoy some time with my friends who’d lost their homes in the flood….it was so amazing to see them be able to put aside all the trauma & sadness for a little while, for that alone I am so very grateful for all the work of everyone involved

    Looking forward to rocking in 2019!!!

  7. missvickie

    Bob Segar, Styxx, , John Mellancamp, Dead & Co. , Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Blue Oyster Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skinyrd, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, ZZ Top, Steve Miller Band, Boston, Journey, Rush, Barenaked ladies, Chilliwack, whoever you get it will be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Dwayne

    Great concert ! my friends my wife and I have been coming for 4 years loved it so much and the community we bought a place here for retirement, love the old rock bands , April Wine , Trooper , Styx , Prism, Lover Boy, Doobie Bros, the list Goes on and on, we have all purchased VIP tickets every time for this venue and have so for other concerts as well, a little more work could be done in that department we believe, covered seating area , perhaps complimentary shirts specific to VIP purchases , some venues supply one free meal per day for the VIP ticket holders not saying it all has to happen at once due to costs but perhaps something to think about, again great venue we still use it as our “get the gang together” summer event, on another note any truth to the rumor that the venue will be in a different location for 2019 ? again thanks for the memories.

  9. Anonymous

    I would so love to see Jackson Browne at a venue like this!!!

  10. Paul Ignacik

    Whitesnake really made the show I thought. Please, we dont want to hear Trooper

  11. Vivian O'Connor

    Vendor for past 2 years, but not sent an application for 2019?? Says the cut off was yesterday.

    • Chuck Varabioff Post author

      We are trying to get our vendors approved ASAP. Deadlines are NOT set in stone, there should be a vendor link with an application on the menu above.
      If you canโ€™t find it, reply here and weโ€™ll email you one.

  12. Rose Gaudry

    I was just going to order our tickets for 2019 as we have gone for the last 2 years and really enjoy the event. I thought I had heard at the 2018 event that early bird tickets for 2019 if bought in sep were $200. Your site says $300 each, and then we would have the camping fees. We have always bought as early birds, last year at $150 each =$300 total. You mention that day passes didnโ€™t change remaining at $100 so no benefit to buying a weekend pass. Is the early bird price of $200 still available?

  13. jipsicharm

    OMG.. this festival was amazing! our fist time and we loved it so much we have already bought our tickets for the 2019 festival.. this years line up was a bucket list concert line-up! ty so much.. eagerly anticipating 2019s rocken’ list! rock on!

  14. Laurie

    This was our 5th year.. getting better every year! Whitesnake, Burton Cummings, Gene Simmons, Tom Cochrane, Kim Mitchell.. doesn’t get much better than that! Some suggestions might be Styx, Colin James? Whatever the lineup, we will be there! Please.. don’t bring country to this classic rock festival. .its just wrong..rock on Grand Forks!

    • Chuck Varabioff Post author

      Styx, Colin James, why didnโ€™t I think of them ๐Ÿ™‚
      Wait, maybe I did, lol ๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜Ž

  15. Joanne

    Unlike some of the above comments, I enjoyed Whitesnake and if you are referring to classic rock they do fit the bill as much as Nazerath or Poison. This was our second year and we have already purchased our tickets for next year, looking forward to whoever is performing as I have not been disappointed yet. Thank you Chuck and team for such an awesome event!!!

  16. dale

    loved the whole event except for whitesnake. they were not a good fit….actually they sucked. im hoping you can bring back some bands like loverboy , darby mills , lee aron and trooper.. they are still some of the best party bands ever. i think bret micheals was the high light this year and hope he makes it back , as he said he would. had a great time and will be back. thank you.

  17. Nanette

    Had a great time at Cannafest! I enjoyed Whitesnake! I would have to say though the camping part of Cannafest was so disorganized! Maybe training people a week before instead of a day or two before would be better. All in all i had a great Cannafest experience.

  18. Brian Beaudoin

    Loved the event. Very well run. And Whitesnake was an excellent band who performed an excellent show. Keep up the good work.
    Tickets bought for 2019.

  19. Mike Wakelin

    Cannafest was an awesome time,loved most of the music .may I suggest looking to get Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts(awesome canadian band from BC) and drop Whitesnake a bit much. still a great job all.

  20. barb

    What is being done about people who leave their chairs. I come early every show. I take my chairs as we are suppose to, and have to fight to get a good seat when I am almost 2 hours early before gates open.

    Been coming since it started and find this the most annoying thing.

    Loved the line up this year Whitesnake and Nazareth rocked it. Glad we had a few mixed in bands that are hard classic rock.

  21. Randy Dowhaniuk

    Would be great, if you would bring back Troopr, Loverboy, Darby Mills etc, instead of HoneymoonSweet and White Snake head banger bands .This is supposed to be classic rock.Not ear shattering.Only stayed Saturday night for the 50/50 draw.Not for Whitesnake or Honeymoon Sweet.We had to leave and sit in truck, (too loud) like most, as you noticed after 50/50 was done.Last years line up was the best yt.We have attended every year.Love you guys for putting GF on he map.You guys rock.

    • Chuck Varabioff Post author

      Randy, next years format will be tweaked a little bit.
      Four bands per day, weโ€™re thinking 4:30-12:30 before that is HOT and after that is LATE for most people.
      The lineup we are working on is exactly what you want (I am confident, lol)

    • dale

      i couldnt agree more randy. white snake and hms were not a great fit.

      • Natasha

        I thought all the bands were amazing… and quite impressed with how good each band sounds (including White Snake and HMS) even after all these years๐Ÿ˜Š. Looking forward to 2019 and def bring on some head banger bands! โœŒ๐Ÿป

      • Natasha

        I thought all the bands were amazing… and quite impressed with how good each band sounds (including White Snake and HMS) even after all these years๐Ÿ˜Š. Looking forward to 2019 and def bring on some head banger bands! โœŒ๐Ÿป

  22. Adele

    How do we insure we get a spot in the grass ? We have gone 2 years in a row now . 2017 & 19 . Cant wait for 2019 .

    • Chuck Varabioff Post author

      Just buy a tent โ›บ๏ธ or RV spot and this year you will get a nice green grass spot.
      We are limiting the spots we sell.

  23. Murray Jackson

    Nice work Chuck!! Always a great event. Looking forward to ’19. Cheers!

  24. Chris

    Chuck, loved the changes to the VIP section this past year. Only 1 slight suggestion (and only a suggestion); have the VIP run straight across the area instead of on an angle. It would increase your seating capacity and have the dance area directly in the front of it (if this makes sense).

    This was our second year and LOVED IT! Can’t wait for next year!

  25. SC Nyman

    Had an amazing time, will for sure be attending again!! โ™ฅ
    Overall everything was great; biggest complaint is location of portable washrooms. I would have gladly used the portables if they were in the camping area.. As a camper it made no sense to me that the portables would be over in the RV section. Not saying all, but most rv’s have a washroom in them, so would it not make more sense to have portables over in the actual tenting section (or at least half of them if not more) by the fence near ball diamond and exit area??
    Also why do festival goers leave so much garbage behind at their sites/spots. This should be a take out what you bring in event!! ๐Ÿ™‚ See you all next year!!!!

    • Chuck Varabioff Post author

      We are already working on adding additional toilets to ALL areas ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Nancy McKenna

    Excellent, and I am glad you are keeping the 3 day format. As a vendor, I spoke with other vendors and the general consensus was that a separate camping area would be much appreciated. We need sleep and that is impossible due to noise levels in the general camping. Other festivals provide this for their vendors. Other than that, Silk Trail is looking forward to returning to our favourite event in 2019. ๐Ÿ’–

  27. Erin Hamilton

    So what is the price of a ticket for the 3 days if I buy it Sept. 1st?

  28. Christina Abbott

    Best concert Iโ€™ve been too! Better than ever this yr! Great security, well controlled , felt safe! Good job!!!

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